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Global change starts now!

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Global change starts now!

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Our Vision of the Future

  • Access Technology Like Never Before
  • The Capacity to Learn and Use Braille Anywhere
  • A Fulfilling Career
  • An Equal and Inclusive Education
  • The ability to experience and Create Tactile Art

Our Mission

To make braille literacy, technology, and tactile art affordable and accessible with revolutionary products.

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Our First Success...

The BrailleDoodle!™

Brought to you by The TouchPad Pro Foundation, 501(c)(3)


The BrailleDoodle™ is an inexpensive B-SMArt device for Braille learning and tactile – Science, Math, and Art with a surface that refreshes repeatedly. It allows someone to write and create and feel as they go.

  • Manufactured and delivered to the TouchPad Pro Foundation by TPPAT at cost.
  • Over $45,000 in preorders in 18 countries worldwide. 
  • Distributors lined up in 9 countries.
  • Manufacturing to begin by December, 2023. 


The TouchPad Pro

Display of TouchPad Pro with Starry Night painting displayed. The tablet resembles a large iPad turned on its side horizontally. The majority of the surface is made up of over 5000 pins that raise and lower to different heights to form tactile images, multiple lines of braille, or a touch-sensitive Braille keyboard. It is called a tactile and visual display because the pins contain characteristics that make them light up in various colors. Pictured drawing a bright blue line on the display is an electronically connected stylus, resembling a fat pen. Buttons on the stylus allow it to change instantly from drawing to erasing and may have other functions like shape-making. Above the display is a full line of refreshable braille cells like that of a BrailleNote. To either side of the line of braille cells are stereo speakers. Above the tactile display and line of braille, at 12 o'clock is a front-facing multi-Lens 3D camera and microphone. At 6 o'clock, below the display, is a home button and power button. In the left-hand corner is scrolling and selecting the device. To the left side of the display are 9 buttons with refreshable Braille indicators that can serve different functions.

Innovation defined

The TouchPad Pro® will bring to life the much-sought-after tactile display, offering both a full page of braille and multilevel, full-color illustrations. With an array of thousands of moving pins, the TouchPad Pro will be the true ‘iPad® for the Blind.’

Imagine a face rising from the surface where one can feel the contours of the nose, the cheeks, and the lips. This intellectual property-protected technology will be unlike anything ever made.

TouchPad Pro display
Phone App Screen with TouchPad Pro

Goals of the TouchPad Pro

TouchPad Pro with Braille and Keyboard
TouchPad Pro Showing cell diagram

Android or IOS compatible

Helping Those With Low Vision

Other than magnifiers, there is little to meet the needs of people with limited vision.
Imagine enhanced visual imaging
with bright, colorful, illuminated illustrations combined with tactile graphics.

Development has begun! We are working with the renowned company Boston Engineering.

“As explained on, the nature of this endeavor is aligned with our company’s passion.  We have a legacy of taking nascent technologies and leveraging them into viable commercial products.”
 –Boston Engineering.

Making TouchPad Pro Assistive Technology
a Sustainable and Profitable Company

Text says, Exponential Growth Through Innovation . 2 TouchPad Pro's but without the Braille. One is the callled the TeachPad Pro and the other PlayPad Pro

“What if we could help hundreds of thousands of people, are able to bring down costs for everyone, and still get a significant ROI?  Are we dreaming too big? 

We think not.”

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