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#A11Y The TouchPad Pro Assistive Technology (TPPAT) Presentation


TPPAT Logo appears. TouchPad Pro Logo with multi colored pins at different heights on top of words “TouchPad Pro”, below those words are written in Braille then below reads Assistive Technology, all in grey font color.

 Apple and MFi Logo and the words: Official Apple MFi Licensed Developer and Manufacturer appear.

Throughout the video, Daniel is showing slides from a PowerPoint Presentation. His video is playing in a small box in the upper right-hand corner. He has short dark hair, is wearing a green polo, and is sitting in front of the fall leaves and pine trees behind a lake background.

Opens with a slide show of kids who are blind. Teenagers doing art. A girl with a backpack and a cane. A boy painting with his face close to a painting. A young girl with glasses. Two small children doing arts and crafts. 3 Little kids, 2 boys, and a girl in a hallway holding their canes.

Slide 1-

A toddler who is blind is pressing her face against her father’s face.

My name is Daniel Lubiner. I am the CEO and founder of Touchpad Pro Assistive Technology. I’m a veteran teacher of 25 years. And for the last five years, I was teaching the blind and low vision. I was teaching them art. They inspired me so much. I started thinking of these products, . At TouchPad Pro Assistive Technology, we want to make braille literacy and technology affordable and accessible worldwide. We also want to focus on tactile art.”


Alt text- Title ‘The Problem’ – 3 pictures A blind man in a museum, a blind woman studying at a table, a blind man using his phone. The text reads-  Limited access to art. Only 32% graduate high school. Only 16% college. More than 70% are unemployed. One in three live in poverty.

“Accessing and creating art for a blind person is difficult. You could explain a Van Gogh Starry Night to someone who is blind. What if they could feel the moon, the swirls of the wind? What if they could create art anywhere? What if they could use a stylus to sculpt right out of the screen? And then I started seeing these statistics. 32% graduate high school, 16% college. And of course, that leads to a future where one in three are living in poverty and massive unemployment.”


Text is read aloud. A pie chart illustrates the “85% Braille Literate”

“And then we had a look. How important is braille? Of the 30% who are employed, 85% use braille. But it’s like a no-brainer, right? If you teach kids how to read and write, they’re going to do better in school and employment. But only 10% of kids are learning braille and that is out of 700,000 in the United States alone.” 

SLIDE 4 Text is read aloud.

Alt text picture on the left – The TouchPad Pro – Display of TouchPad Pro is showing Starry Night.

The tablet resembles a large iPad turned on its side horizontally. The majority of the surface is made up of over 5000 pins that raise and lower to different heights to form tactile images, multiple lines of braille, or a touch-sensitive Braille keyboard. It is called a tactile and visual display because the pins contain characteristics that make them light up in various colors. Pictured drawing a bright blue line on the display is an electronically connected stylus, resembling a fat pen. Buttons on the stylus allow it to change instantly from drawing to erasing and may have other functions like shape-making. Above the display is a full line of refreshable braille cells like that of a BrailleNote. To either side of the line of braille cells are stereo speakers. Above the tactile display and line of braille, at 12 o’clock is a front-facing multi-Lens 3D camera and microphone. At 6 o’clock, below the display, is a home button and power button. In the left-hand corner is scrolling and selecting the device. To the left side of the display are 9 buttons with refreshable Braille indicators that can serve different functions.

“The Touchpad Pro will change lives all over the world. It will show selfies, photographs, and graphs. You have to think of taking a selfie and having your face rise from the surface. And you could feel your forehead, your nose, your lips and your chin. And of course, art. You could say. Let me see Starry Night. And that would rise from the surface at all different levels .You could navigate the internet like never before. We talk about the metaverse. How about making the metaverse more accessible? This will be the world’s first tech to be able to intuitively teach you braille.  With artificial intelligence, the TouchPad Pro will learn how the student learns best. The blind folks on my team; they’re very excited about this. Being able to follow 3D maps with GPS so you can navigate anywhere.” 

The TouchPad Pro Video

“This is a simulation of just some of the things a Touchpad Pro can do.”

TouchPad Pro Video with audio description available here: 


The video closes as it opened. The logo appears Words say, Contact Daniel Lubiner, CEO, TouchPad Pro Assistive Technology LLC, 973-699-3327vinar dapibus leo.

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