Display Instructions of TouchPad Pro

Top Display shows power jack, stylus storage. Center display shows LED Flashlight ,Multi-Lens 3d camera, and Mic with devices backside. Right display shows Brightness adjustment, Contrast Adjustment, Saturation Adjustment with side view. Left display shows USB ports and headphone jacks. Along the left edge of the TouchPad Pro are 2 USB ports, a mini-USB port, and a headphone jack. On the top edge is a stylus storage place and a power Jack. On the right edge, there are 3 rocking buttons, including a brightness adjustment, a contrast adjustment, a saturation adjustment so people with visual impairments can adjust the screen to best suit their needs. Centered on the back of the device is an LED flash, a front-facing multi-lens 3D camera, and a microphone. The TouchPad Pro will be able to take stills or moving images and change them into tactile images on the screen. Please feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions!