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The Braille Cloud is a fun cloud-shaped device with rounded sides. There is a line of jumbo braille cells along the bottom and standard braille cells at the center, and they are Refreshable braille cells. A Perkins-style braille keyboard is made for smaller hands is on the lower part of the cloud and small speakers on either side. The braille version of a letter would be electronically displayed in the jumbo refreshable braille cell and the standard-sized braille cell simultaneously. There is an upper row of large braille cells that allows someone to create braille characters. These ‘MagnaBraille’ cells use only a magnetic stylus and tiny metal or magnetized tactile elements. A pen-like stylus is above the device. The magnetic stylus allows users to make braille letters, numbers, words, and short sentences. There is also a game-type controller with clear up, down, right, left, and a select button, center, is on the lower left.