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From beginner letters and phonics to more advanced reading and writing, the electronic braille cloud will allow someone to:

  • Learn braille independently.
  • Learn remotely with the Braille Cloud APP.
  • Practice Braille with audio feedback
  • Use a Perkins-style Braille Keyboard
  • Allow haptic motors, placed inside keyboard keys, guide to fingers to the correct keys. 

The Braille Cloud is an introduction to modern assistive technology. It is designed to be the best way to learn braille either independently or with an instructor. The line of large braille cells along the bottom and standard braille cells at the center are refreshable braille cells; they include electronically-driven pins that pop up to form braille characters.

With a smaller style Perkins braille keyboard a learner could learn the proper combination of keys to press to form each letter and receive auditory feedback from speakers or headphone jack. The braille version of a letter would be electronically displayed in the jumbo and standard-sized braille cell simultaneously.

The upper row of large braille cells allows the student to create braille characters. These ‘MagnaBraille’ cells use only a magnetic stylus and tiny metal or magnetized tactile elements. The magnetic stylus will enable users to make braille letters, numbers, words, and short sentences.


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The Braille Cloud App

Another feature of The Braille Cloud is that it is also linked to a ‘Braille Cloud App.’ Able to connect via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, an instructor can then remotely guide the user through the different features and games. For example, an instructor can input a word or letter for a learner to decode right from their device: phone, tablet, or computer.

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